My ‘Howe To:’ Travel Guides


Here is the thing about a lot of travel blogs. Things are always recommended based on a “what I did” basis – which is often great! But often, this doesn’t satisfy the travel bug.

There a special piece of the travel puzzle which involves discovering experiences for yourself.

Yes, it can be trial and error, but it was your journey and that is half the fun of exploration.

For me, I love to travel based on activities, goals and running off the beaten path (you know, being the ‘non-tourist’ kind of tourist). I was never big on just going to simply look at the major sites that are known around the world. I suppose it was my mother who drew me to this kind of travel. Growing up an only child with a single mom, she took me every where and we did the most adventurous stuff from Antarctica to an impromptu trip to the Amazon.

Let me tell you, my mom is the biggest people-person I know. She talks to everybody…. and I loved it! This is exactly how we got to have our unique experiences and enjoy the culture.

Don’t be afraid to stop a stranger and talk to them. Get their advice, find out where they would go. Break out of your bubble! (and don’t even try to use language barriers as an excuse… we life in the 21st century people…. download Google Translate or Papago).

While I’ll share with you experiences that really stood out to me, I encourage you to take in all insights and opinions, but strive to make it a little bit more unique with your own iteration.

All in all, my travel advice no matter where you go is:

  • Pick activities that excite you
  • TALK to locals and make new friends
  • Take travel advice, then make it your own



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