TRAIN LIKE: Matt Black (Toronto Argonauts)

Matt Black – defensive back for the Toronto Argonauts in the Canadian Football League. We originally met back during the 2016 Grey Cup. Fast forward a few months when I asked to join him on one of his training programs.

The competitive side got the best of me and I challenged him to not make it easy.

Now, for future reference, this is never a good idea to ask a professional athlete to give you one of their most challenging drills. Seems like common sense, but future Lauren will make this mistake again. No doubt.

The challenge (to my surprise until the end of the workout) was suicides on the “Torque Tank” aka this beast.

During his off season last summer, I met up with Matt and his trainer Shea Pierre who runs Pierre’s Elite Performance out of Mississauga, Ontario. Shea tailored a program for us that Matt would do during the off season and would be good for anyone.

Now the most interesting part to me was the extensive warm up. This is something I used to do back in the day *sigh* with field hockey, but have completely forgotten in replacement of my 5 minute cardio warm up at the gym. Adulting. The warm up we did here actually reminded me of the importance of activating those key muscles for an effective workout, not to mention improved mobility.

Check out the video and full workout below.

The Matt Black – Shea Pierre Workout

Warm-Up Series:

  • Ground Base Movement Prep
  • Foam Pad Foot/Ankle/Hip Stability Exercise
  • Fit-Lights Reaction Training

Workout Program:

Complete both exercises of the Super-Set in order (i.e. A1 first set then A2 set. Rest & Repeat Super-Set for required number of sets). Then proceed to the next Super-Set.

Superset # Exercise Name # Reps
1 A Trap Bar Deadlift (Drop the Weight at the Top). Start 2 warm up sets. 5
B Hurdle Rotational Box Jumps 3 per side


2 A Medicine-Ball Isolated Shoulder Stability Push-Up 8-10 per arm
B Elevated Isolated Leg Pistol Squat 10
B Elevated Isolated Skater Extensions 5


3 A Band Face-Pull with Rotation and Press 8-10
B Swiss Ball Hamstring Series (Straight Leg Hip Lift + Hamstring Curls, 90° Hip Lift) 8-10 each


4 A TRX Abdominal Series (Side-Side, Front-Back, Clockwise Circles, Counterclockwise Circles) 10 each
B Swiss Ball Squeeze (Straight leg lift, curls, bent leg lift) 3 x 10 sec


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