SIDE A: Engineering & Technology

My first love, was for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Originally planning on being a neurosurgeon, or working in the medical field,  I began my studies in Biomedical Science at McGill University before transferring and graduating from the University of Toronto for Industrial Engineering – a more broad program used in a wider range of fields.

What is Industrial Engineering?

Put simply, it’s about improving and optimizing performance through engineering principles. This can range from human-centred design decisions to applying operations research methodologies in order to make highly efficient decisions across a range of industries including health care, entertainment, finance, retail, IT, energy, consulting and manufacturing.

Half-way through my program, I began working as the In-Arena Host for the Toronto Maple Leafs alongside my studies. After graduating, I began working for adidas Canada, helping conceptualize, program and develop optimization tools for the digital asset management process, followed by IT Consulting before winning Miss Universe Canada.

While the media and entertainment side of my life has only grown more in recent years, I have always tried to stay connected to my love of STEM.

Currently, that means continuing working in my current role for a Toronto-based technology start-up, challenging myself to learn new tech-focused stills (machine learning, programming, etc.) to actively being a part of programs that help empower youth to explore and develop STEM-focused skills of their own.

STEM touches every aspect of the modern world, often in areas we least expect like sports, entertainment, beauty and fashion. I hope to inspire students to realize that sometimes their path in life can lie at the intersection of their multiple passions.

Some partnerships include having worked with Canada Learning Code, Coding On Chromebooks Campaign with Google & Staples Canada and Cybersecurity with Girl Guides Canada.