SIDE B: Media & Entertainment

You could say that, in a way, I fell into the world of media.

While I loved the idea of storytelling, film and photography as a child, I always felt conditioned that if I loved and was good at Math and Science, I should pursue a career in that path…. this was the original plan…. but you know how life works!

In grade 12, I had been looking for scholarships and came across “Miss Teen Canada” which advertised large scholarship opportunities. Figured – why not? Competed as a bit of a joke, knowing all the while I was planning on studying biomedical engineering versus the women there who wanted this opportunity to launch modeling or acting careers. Next thing I knew, I won Miss Teen Ontario, Miss Teen Canada and placed in the Top 5 at the international level. I didn’t care for the “pageant” side of it, and still feel reservations about the objectification of women, but I fell in love with the community of (surprisingly) supportive women that took part in them.

The next time I “fell” into media was in sports. As a former athlete, I got involved in the Sports Business Club at the University of Toronto, which led to an opportunity as a guest panelist on TSN’s Off The Record. Following that, I received a message inviting me to audition as the new In-Arena Host for the Toronto Maple Leafs, where I worked for two seasons while completing my engineering degree and signing to a modeling agency.

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One of my favourite games interviewing our first star, Garrett Gamble, with Tyler Bozak.

From there, I’ve had the privilege to host a number of sporting events including the Rogers Cup, IIHF World Junior Championships, Toronto Pan and Para Pan American Games, Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) All-Star Game, CFL Grey Cup Celebrations and more.

In 2017, I moved onto work back in the corporate world for adidas then a consulting firm…. until I took a leap of faith, running, then winning, for Miss Universe Canada. Miss Universe had been acquired and had been going through a rebranding phase. One that was focused on a woman’s intellectualism, career goals, philanthropy, athleticism, “confidence” rather than physical attributes.

Truthfully, I joined Miss Universe Canada with the challenge of trying to change it from the inside – to perhaps spark a conversation around breaking stereotypes.

It was a whirlwind of a year, from placing in the Top 10 at Miss Universe, to trying to use this platform to empower women in STEM, to getting appendicitis part-way through my year to inspiring my latest project of producing a documentary series about life for women around the world.

Trying to convince Steve Harvey to dive with sharks with me
Trying to convince Steve Harvey to dive with sharks with me.

All the while, I missed the engineering and technology side of my life. I joined a Toronto-based tech start-up while still pursuing some side-projects in entertainment, including the documentary.

In November of 2018, I was recruited one again to the world of entertainment by CityTV to be a co-host for the Canadian National Broadcast of the 2019 Grammy Red Carpet Coverage show.

Currently, I am a correspondent for CityTV (specifically Breakfast Television and Cityline), a content creator on Instagram & a growing YouTube channel, a (albeit!) new actress and in the midst of producing the documentary series – what I consider to be my baby. 

I don’t know where the media side will lead to, but am grateful for the opportunities, people and stories that have been told along the way.